I Can Always Bounce Back from Financial Bankruptcy

Financial bankruptcy has been stated by many an attorney that “It will be a minor inconvenience for a short period of time.” To put any faith in this statement is not only foolish; it is a terrible miscarriage of trust. Your family trusts you to take care of them financially as well as emotionally. Financial [...]

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What Does a Good Rye and a Good Consultant have in Common?

First of all, let me get something straight. There are a lot of similarities between a good rye whiskey and a good consultant, with one distinct difference. If you were to ask a good consultant what time it is, she/he would answer the query quite emphatically; “What time would you like it to be?” [...]

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Customer Love

If your business depends on top notch customer service, read on! An Excerpt from: Customer Love By Mac Anderson I’m a big fan of Nordstrom. My wife is a bigger fan! For many years we’ve been impressed with the “Nordstrom attitude” when it comes to serving their customers. A few years ago, we were in [...]

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How to Hire so You Won’t Have to Fire

What Are You Really Getting from a New Hire? Are you stuck at How to Hire 101?  You are ready to hire, so you put an advertisement in a newspaper, an online listing, etc. What do you get... A pile of resumes (perhaps hundreds), people (many who have been out of work caused by this recession) [...]

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