Team Building

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Team building is crucial to long term success. Is Everyone on Your team unified with other organization members to accomplish the overall objectives?

“People in every workplace talk about building a team, about working as a team, but do I really understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop my people into a truly effective team…?”

In the same way that transparency of financials creates ownership behaviors, transparency of communication creates employee behaviors. We are sometimes reluctant to confront behavior that does not align with the standards of our organization because we are afraid we will jeopardize a relationship or because we aren’t sure how to deliver the message.

In either case, the cost of our silence is that we permit the behavior. In essence, we endorse the behavior: what we permit, we promote.

How do we communicate with transparency? We start by clearly citing the behavior in question, whether we are talking to a peer or an employee. (I need to talk to you about… When you…) We connect actions to results, so everyone involved understands the impact of the behavior. In the same way financial impacts must be clearly understood, behaviors should also be connected back to how they affect the “bottom line” of teamwork.

We have a process for team building, one that goes way beyond merely “getting to know one another”. It uses state of the art behavior science so that people actually learn about themselves, as well as the characteristics of others. With the proper training this can hugely impact the communication of a team, improve workflow, and solidify relationships.

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