Our core competencies include skills and processes to help your company thrive.

Many of our clients came to KM Consulting because they were in a rut and unable to get their growth to the levels they expected.Others retained our services, because they recognized that while their top line sales were good, their bottom line wasn’t benefitting from it. As a consulting and coaching firm, we are used to being brought online when there are difficulties in a privately owned business. And the expertise and support we provide have saved many of them from failure or bankruptcy.

Here is a list of our six most in-demand services. They are often deployed together, especially the areas of business development and process improvement.In almost every instance the need to refine the recruiting process comes into play, because “the right people just are not in the right seats, on the bus” (thank you to Michael Gerber).But this is very true, especially in many sales teams.


In a rut? Looking for a new approach to growing your market share? Or merely want a sustainable process for business development? KM Consulting can provide you with a detailed assessment of your current process and recommend some new methods. Read more.



KM Consulting are often retained to take a snapshot of existing processes, and provide suggestions for process improvement. Often these suggestions lead to reduce costs, enhanced operations, and greater efficiencies. But every company is unique and our approach customized for their improvement goals.



KM Consulting can provide guidance with business planning, to raise capital, as well as long term strategic planning. If your company isn’t using a process for strategic planning let KMC show you how roadmapping and workflow improvement can deliver your goals. Read more.



Talent recruiting is hard! If a job could talk, it would explain precisely what was necessary to achieve superior performance. Using technology and behavioral science, KM Consulting can help you understand the knowledge, intrinsic motivators, and attributes required instead of peoples opinions. Read READ MORE



Many businesses use business coaching to work in the development of the capabilities of high-potential performers. This is often the owner or senior executives, but working with management teams in board of director-like settings is becoming quite common. Read more.



A successful team does not need to function as a coherent unit, each person involved simply needs to do their part. But team building requires communication and everyone must understand the short and long terms goals. KM Consulting can provide the facilitation necessary READ MORE