Q: I’m thinking of starting a business for the first time. Where do I begin?

Thinking of starting a business for the first time? Most start-up businesses work very hard to develop a business plan, necessary to get funding from a bank or similar lending institution. But once this funding phase is completed the business plan gets placed on a shelve and becomes a magnet for dust.

But what is really necessary now is a Strategic Plan, a roadmap detailing the tactics and responsibilities necessary to achieve the founders vision for the business. Far to few privately owned companies use a strategic planning process, and they should. When properly designed and maintained, a start-up business can streamline their efforts while staying focused on the things that will insure success. Best of all it improves internal communication and keeps everyone involved pointing in the same direction.

Can you be successful without a strategic plan? Perhaps, but start your business with a Strategic plan and process implementation from KM Consulting and  you will achieve your vision faster and more effectively.