Benchmarking and Effective Recruiting

An Effective Recruiting and Selection System Begins with a Job Benchmark

“We used to struggle when trying to recruit top talent for a key role, especially in management or sales. We would review hundreds of applicants, read countless resumes, conduct a ton of interviews, and still suffer through new hires that were inadequate for the assigned tasks or a terrible fit for our company culture. Plus, it cost us a sizable amount of money.”

Businesses everywhere are competing for top talent, because Talent is the lifeblood to any organization. To succeed, a business needs employees performing at their peak. Businesses are seeking better ways to secure the talent necessary for success. But what talent does a job require for superior performance?

Every Job Has a Voice

The behaviors and skills needed for a job, along with the motivation to get the job done, are easily found… if you are willing to listen to the job. Only the JOB has the answer, so let the job speak. The job may not shout its requirements, but if you listen carefully, it will communicate the skills needed to perform the job.

But Will We Listen?Closed Sale

The problem is that most of the time we are so busy, or we have such a strong personal opinion about the position, we fail to listen to what the job is actually saying. It is easy to turn a deaf ear to what the job is saying that we miss the essentials needed for top performance.

KM Consulting uses a proven benchmarking process that will strengthen your company‘s hiring process. We are specially trained and have years of practical experience and success, benchmarking key positions for a diverse set of different industries.

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Hiring is Crucial to Success

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